X Black Superheroes


Click Here to download their hits from iTunes!! 

What’s up Family. It’s time for the X Black Superheros Now, as you know – it is our honor to bring you to illest to the hill’eth. And look! A new blend of everything we’ve been missing. Making music that will rock your soul, and fill the gaping hole in what was once our human connection with the Greatness that we all keep inside. Yes, finally there’s a “Song 4 U”, it’s coming from the X Black Superheroes, just listen. Click the link and make it happen. Spread the Love. Check the music. X Black Superheroes

-The Street Blogger

THE STREET POETS NYC ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: The Trendsetter for their lifetime. The best to ever do it. The illest in their own right. Shown off by the Street Poets NYC so everyone can see. An Artist to be remembered, a hustle to be respected, a person to be appreciated. The grind never ends, the weather just changes. Spend your money wisely, cop the Album, Buy the M#*@&F*!%$ book. This is the Artist of the Month.

To nominate an ARTIST HIGHLIGHT, email your name and candidates name to Info@STREETPOETSNYC.COM





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