Thee TEEN Open Mic 13-19


Join us.

This is THEE place for the youth of New York City to be seen and heard, but most importantly feel good about themselves.

We have the Power to empower our Younger people


– Hrsh Reyalitee 

The NEXT Teen Open Mic soon will be posted right here shortly. stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “Thee TEEN Open Mic 13-19

  1. …so the next one is Sept 27, 2013 at 6:30p? I’ll be their with my sons(13 &15). I want to expose them to positive Black youth culture-freedom. We are coming from a NJ. I am a former Brooklyn Poet/Emcee. Is there a contact/confirmation number?


  2. I work with a student club of young people interested in spoken word & hip hop. Can you tell me the schedule for your Teen Open Mics. I only see the time (6:30pm-8:30pm) and location. How often do you hold these and is there an admission fee? Thanks!


  3. Can somone call me back for confomation. Im bringing my son and daughter from the bronx. Need to make sure its happaning fri the 25 th. 347-867-7708 thanks.


  4. Hi My name is Talibah Webster and I am part of a group called “MostHigh” we are HipHop based & reside straight out of Brooklyn. I was looking for places for us to perform at, and thats when we came across your venue. What caught our attention was the fact it said it was for all ages. . . we are high school students aging from 16-18 years of age so your place is perfect.:

    Link to some pf our old work, new work is on that soundcloud too!


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