Supe The Dude

 Suppe The Dude is the Powerful young man from the borough of Brooklyn, a sweet city in New York City. You could call Supe the dude. His love for poetry came about his high schools years as a freshman; he began with writing rhymes and soon after made an addition to his flow, and met what we know as Poetry.  While in high school performing in fashion shows then while falling in love with such a release he developed his craft with time. He began performing in November 2011 at the Perch Cafe in Park Slope Brooklyn, New York. He began attending the Street Poets Open Mic in December 2011. Some of Supah’s influences are  Hip Hop, Visual Art, Writing; prose an more. In the next five years

“..A lot can change in five years, I have no idea(we’ll wait and see”) – Supe The Dude

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