Quiet Storm (Buffalo, NY)

Quiet Storm

Artist/Poet/Spoken Word Artist


“My real name is Rain Flower Bethel-Cooper, stage name is Quiet’ Storm. Fell under the pen’s spell at the age of 6. Been perfecting my craft ever since.
I am a member of TheLeague.I have been performing since I was 9 years old. I am a spoken word poet but I am venturing into the music business.
Rap is poetry, why not take it back to its roots? “

– Quiet Storm



One comment

  1. Rain…

    I have well paying art and photography modeling jobs.. And I’m well known in both areas… I’ve been holding my own art and photo sessions for 8 and 7 years respectively..

    The art pays $50.00 a session and the photo shoots pay $120.00.

    We can arrange for you to do both back to back on a Saturday if you like…

    I’d love to use you if you’re interested…

    I’m on FB at /wnynm… Also at FB/wnybp… Which is my body painting page.

    And btw.., my email is i_tango2004@yahoo.com if you’d rather go that way.

    Hope to hear from you sweet…




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