Mel Hudson


Mel Hudson, Director of Music – Power Team


Behind the mic or keyboard, Producer/MC, Black Dangerfield (aka Mel Hudson) just wants to be heard. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Black Dangerfield works with a large musical palette including samples, keys, and guitars. He explored music from a very young age in different capacities, but never really pursued it until 2008. Faced with the question, “Why would you deny yourself something you want?” in a weed induced stupor recalling a scene from one of his favorite television shows, Black Dangerfield never looked back. Currently Black Dangerfield – an avid fan of cynicism, marijuana, women, and wordplay – is working the New York City open mic circuit, and can be found at local venues including Pete’s Candy Store and Goodbye Blue Monday. He is also the newly anointed Music Director for Street Poets NYC Radio. You can check out Risky Business, his first mixtape, as well as any upcoming material, at


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