Kelley ‘K. Nikki’ Franklin



nikki2Kelley “K. Nikki” Franklin is a 23 year old Brooklyn born and raised new face to the underground entertainment and arts scene who wishes to start an empire and leave her mark on this world. Growing up, Kelley always kept busy and worked toward leadership roles, whether through student government, drama club, choir, or joining the Jackie Robinson Steppers of Brooklyn. 
“I just wanted to keep busy because I was an only child and wanted to find my niche. Plus I just loved to entertain and work on making other people’s lives better or just make them smile.”
Her brief time in college and what followed after brought some hard times and major doubts.
“For about two years, I questioned who I was. What will make me happy? What am I going to do? Then 2013 happened.”
In January 2013, K. Nikki began hosting a show at an underground clothing store called Ground Under R.S.V.P.. Starting out in a thriving underground scene, she saw that helping others reach success and providing platforms was her motivation. 
“Through researching and finding out what was going on in NYC, I began to feel more at home. Directing people to the right outlets, being able to host and introduce ‘the next big person’, shedding light on so many amazing talents. I want to be a vessel for success. I see so many who deserve it.”nikki1
Since then, K. Nikki has been invited to host shows and conduct interviews of up and coming artists, and has co-produced her first show  Herstori, an all female showcase dedicated to women in the arts and entertainment industry. Her presence is starting to be felt and she is excited and anxious for the future.
“I want to have my own talk show, a venue for people to perform and use for their purposes, different shows going on. I want to be a mix of Oprah and Russell Simmons. I want to be a mix, like if they had a child, it would be me.”
K. Nikki is currently the residential host of Art Lov(H)er: An Open Presentation in New York City, an Event Coordinator for Rude Productions, blogger for, the founder, and intern for Fire Bird Management Team.

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