Perform With Street Poets NYC

Welcome to the Official Street Poets NYC website. We would like to thank you for checking us out! We also want to thank you for your submissions to be featured. This site is all about showing the underlying culture cultivating communities across the country and the globe. The independent market in music and performance is growing rapidly it is because independent artist like you and I. Street Poets NYC is a little different because we add spice to things with our live discussions. Soon as are making a way so our internet followers can become apart and share! However, our discussions are different not because we have them but because of the content, and how the content is distributed. Our discussions get heated at times, and this is because this CONTENT is evoking emotions within us that aren’t the norm of what we have been taught.
Please continue to check out this site and our blog! We are constantly updating the events section. As you know we are based in Broklyn, New York so pleae come out and vibe with us. The short cut is back on the homepage or you can go to the menu up top! Please continue to submit to the blog by emailing with your media kit and or video, album, or event to be posted.  – Hrsh Reyalitee
Tweet -> Instagram -> Facebook -> It’s all @HRSHEYALITEE!!!


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