His stage presence is magic, his voice is immaculate, his passion for poetry burns into the audience as if they were consumed in a flame of lyrics…

This is what it feels like to witness Flirtus at his best. His world is UNTAMED and his life is what he speaks, hence why it is so easy for you to fall in love with this new breathe of fresh air when he steps to a mic. Flirtus is the name to a new breed of poets coming from the land of the Untamed Republic.


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Born in Brooklyn his biggest influences come from those things that can only be taught through experience. He found early in his life his gift for words, but writing stories would take a side role to his first love of Basketball. Luckily for him he chose the side chick of poetry and never looked back.
Today Flirtus has done motivational speaking for the Build on project in the Bronx and various other high schools. He has performed and featured at various venues and colleges such as bus boys and poets, Nuyo Rican Poets Café, Santos Party House, NYU, Brooklyn College, John Jay, BMCC, and Blue door Art Gallery where he also runs an open mic called ‘The Night i Became Untamed,’ and just came off his first tour with The Deans List tour.

With his poetry he one day hopes to inspire, and change the minds of those that never believed to aspire for better. He believes you can’t change the world, but you can change you, and by changing you, you bring difference to the world around you. He just hopes to be the trigger to doing that for those surrounding him. Luckily for his audience His journey has yet to be finished, so stay tuned for the ride that he has in store because a Phoenix is about to take flight, one stanza at a time.




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