Greetings Family, Friends and Guests! 

Thank you so much for having a look here at!

We are making great strides in our efforts to expand The Street Poets Artistry Collective region by region and in due time across the world. As of today The Street Poets Artistry Collective is present on the East Coast via Street Poets NYC, and the mid west via Street Poets Mid West  For now, these regions are our main focus so smooth transitions can be made in the future. 

We are launching a Campaign; The Powerful Campaign. This is to bring awareness to the positivism in today’s society that still exists in the younger communities all around the world. We’ve had the pleasure to connect with Poets and artists all over the world, and from all backgrounds, with Poetry and Art forms of all kinds as our common interest. Through these connections we’ve gained further understanding about the lifestyle of being Powerful.

Our Audience are thouse between the ages of 18-35, and these are the development years some would say, and I would agree! In this day and age with the current state of the economy this development period brings hardships that were not present in the past. 

College students are having loan trouble and trouble finding work, and are in need of ways to relieve stress, and are looking for ways to stay in good spirits during these trying times. We all know the economy will not be down for ever, and with this campaign we want to help boost morale, inevitable boosting the economy!

During these times we also see trends being made of negative aspects of society, and we have plans to change this by showing everyone the different faces of Powerful! 

Now, we need your help! We want to run this campaign effectively as possible, and we have great ways to do so but we need financial backing so we can make these ideas come to life!

If you are a part of a company who is interested in advertising on a broad scale, this is the opportunity for you! Remember, all donations are tax deductible, and charity affiliated.

We have ways to promote this campaign and your company effectively that will be pleasing for all parties. 

If you aren’t a company and you are just someone who has made a special connection with the collective or any of it’s members, I encourage you to support via donation! 

Everyone who donates will receive a special gift from the Street Poets Artistry Collective and will receive special recognition for helping us make our dreams go further.

Yours In Power,

Shadel Preddy,

Street Poets Artistry Collective CEO 


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