Hrsh Reyalitee
My name is Shadel Preddy (Hrsh Reyalitee) and I am the C.E.O., Creative Director, and financial force behind S.P.A.C.E.! I thank you so much for visiting this website, supporting the individual Poets and their initiatives and most importantly for coming out to the events! As a Collective we have been presenting events such as “Thee Open Mic series” and “A Poets Write” independently. It begin in my apartment in 2011, and here I am 6 years later with a whole new appreciation for what I do for the art community. I started this movement in my living room with friends, we have NO money, NO promotional team, NO sponsors. 
With very little financial power, this collective has introduced generations new and old to a free thinkers lifestyle. I brought friends together who shared the same vision and we collectively made #TheeOpenMic the largest and most popular show in New York City! This was big for us, being that our first show had 10 attendees, and we were able to grow the Thee Open Mic project to a crowd of 300+. At the show we are constantly providing information, love, and knowledge that will expand our minds and the capacity of our understanding. So when you come to my events, prepare for MORE than a Open Mic! Prepare for a discussion, for your mind to opened, your beliefs changed, and thoughts provoked!

Now I need your help KEEPING us Independent and thriving! Please Donate


Our specific budget is more thoroughly delineated below:

Venue Costs: $400
Lighting Kit/Tripod/Lenses/Etc: $400
Videographer Budget: $200
Music/Poetry Distribution: $250
Website/Marketing Cost: $350
Merchandise Budget: $2000
Poetry Tour Expenses; Venues/Hotels/Travel/etc.: $10,000