Why More Artists should talk about Money (Article)

When we think about taboos among other things we think of politics, religion, and... paying for Art. Talking about money in the Creative Industry is often a delicate topic, it is believed that Writers & Artists alike are willing and happy to work for free. There are many reasons that Artist should be paid, and... Continue Reading →


American Perception: “What needs the most change in America?” (Article)

When we discuss societal issues and the need for change within our communities in small groups and find ourselves just as confused after the conversation as we were when it started. At this point in our history in America, we need to illustrate the issues as simply as we can so that they are transparent, and can... Continue Reading →

America is a Nation of Culture Vultures and Appropriation

Written by Ricardo Hazell On June 26th, actor and activist Jesse Williams took to the stage at the BET Awards to accept a Humanitarian Award. He closed his fiery oration with the following; "Burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil – black gold,... Continue Reading →

Who’s fight is it anyway?

Peace Powerful People!  I hope your week is going by as smooth as possible, and every burning desire is coming to past. My week has been fabulous, filled with Love, deadlines, and over sleeping. So, while having some "down time", I came across a interesting topic of discussion. A transgender MMA fighter who wants to... Continue Reading →

Inner City Blues Meets Inner City Solutions

Yesterday we was in the park and the was showing this big ass movie to young black men about "Why they need their father, and the struggles of living in the inner city, and being in gangs". First of all, maybe their parents should be there to wear some of the weight they gone walk... Continue Reading →


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