#NewMusic Kamau Kenyatte – 202 (Audio)

https://soundcloud.com/kamau-kenyatte/202a Yes, Powerful People there is a lot of new music coming through this week! SO I Came across this amazing artist which happens to be in the New York City Vibes Circle. His name is Kamau Kenyatte, and his style is energy and depth bringing us a song that has the spirit of 'The... Continue Reading →


Young Tef – In My Bag (Video)

Peace Powerful People! You already know we support Young Tef very heavy! She is not new to this hip hop movement. Much love to the women who have paved the way for Young Tef to be more herself visually and on the track! Young Tef went from what's in her cup to really being in... Continue Reading →

New Music: Word On The Street/Meech Ortest – Wait On It

Peace Powerful People!  Listen! Please take a moment and check out the new music that just dropped from Meech Mortest. The mind behind Undiscovered Kings and a member of Squad Science in Brooklyn, New York. I also have a update for you coming soon about @HrshReyalitee and her travels in California. You can also check... Continue Reading →

New Music: Word On The Street/Mir Fontane – “Frank Ocean” (Video)

https://youtu.be/oDgvWMrXInc   Frank Ocean CAMDEN Available Now featuring "Frank Ocean" ►Stream: http://www.2lin.cc/camden ►Spotify: http://flyt.it/MirFontaneCamdenSP Mir Fontane. The cover art speaks volumes. In keeping with the trend of naming songs after respected artists, Mir Fontane dropped his brand new single "Frank Ocean." The track, which features beautiful cover art from @twntyocho & @stylussteez (IG) and equally beautiful production... Continue Reading →

New Video from Brooklyn’s Finest Emcees Chocolate Brown (Video) #May26th!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you love videos from Chocolate Brown because that is what the feedback says. Anyhow, the brother has a new video out that has been out for a bit now. You love Chocolate, and we love Chocolate. You can actually see this Brooklyn Legend in the making perform live in Brooklyn... Continue Reading →

Word On The Street: The latest from ThyDad – Karma (Audio)

Peace Powerful People! We have posted the information for our next event! Please check out the events section for events happening all month long. This is the latest from Street Poet ThyDad. Enjoy Ming!  https://soundcloud.com/supe_thedude/karma-prod-by-sleepstudy


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