FTCK x #TheeOpenMic x Sept 30th

See, knowing the story of the Artist is important! Listening to how Tremaine, the brains behind FTCK (Fuck The Cool Kids) developed the name of her brand was a complete inspiration to all to heard. She will be joining us with her brand on Friday September 30th at #TheeOpenMic. I will not spill the beans!... Continue Reading →


Below are our FEATURED FASHION Articles/Posts. For more FASHION articles and post click here.   'Powerful Is A Lifestyle tee'  $15 Limited Supply. Email fbmtsociety@gmail.com to place your order. Delivery available to Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Harlem only. Shipping available.  

Intimate Grind X Urban Fashionista

INTIMATE GRIND. IG on Facebook Intimate Grind created by Dymond and Andrea, is one of those lines that you want to wear because it can represent, Black, Sexy, and Aware. We were blessed to have these ladies come through and vend during the last session of THEE OPEN MIC. For More on Intimate Grind follow them... Continue Reading →


Brands that you need to know about are more accessible than you think. Take R3al Monster for instance. R3al Monster is not only as brand but a Lifestyle Movement, making changes and uplifting with music, clothing, art, and more. They are no strangers to the Street Poets NYC family. What is a R3al Monster? See... Continue Reading →

Power Moves X Sherifa X BU-Clothing

Sherifa. Sherifa is Powerful because she is a living example for her peers, and those who are coming up next. Thank God She got right now. Connect with this Power House Now!  Twitter Connect with Black N Ugly and Get Your Outfit tight. Official BU Clothing website - Official STORE - Facebook - Twitter What is BU-Clothing? Bu short for #blacknugly is a... Continue Reading →


YAKITOKO FACEBOOK - TWITTER - YAKITOKO ONLINE So I would say we are some pretty fashionable people. Although I love my thift shop weekends, and rip sh*t up Summers, I love to support independent designers such as BlackListedThreads.com and Yakitoko.com! Why? I don't know the people that make the clothes in the mall that run regular... Continue Reading →


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