BEGR8 2nd Annual ‘Food For The Horn’ Fundraiser

Brooklyn, New York — Good Day Powerful People! I hope all is Powerful with you also! I have great news today! The Street Poets Artistry Collective: Street Poets NYC has joined The BEGR8 Foundation for their 2nd Annual ‘Food For The Horn’ Fundraiser! This event is a Youth Poetry Showcase for SOMALIA! Community is Key, and we want to continue this tradition of unity and pass it to the younger generation.

This event is to let the youth know that we are listening and attentive to their dreams and aspirations! We are young people appreciating younger people. We are grateful for the impact that Art has had on our lives, we feel it is imperative to let the youth know that they are NEEDED! Their thoughts, feelings, smile and more, it all matters to us and we want to nurture and support them the best way we know how! That is by giving them a platform to perform & express themselves.  So, Join us! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

6:30pm – 9:30pm


629 Vanderbilt Avenue.

Brooklyn, New York 11238

Admission is $10

You can donate to this cause! Click HERE to donate to The BeGr8 Foundation

Powerful Is A Lifestyle. We Live it


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