Sisters/Sons With A Purpose by: Autonomic Cee

S.W.A.P is a discussion/support group created and directed by Autonomic Cee. The next S.W.A.P. meeting will be

To Be Announced

S.W.A.P. stands for Sisters/Sons With A Purpose


 “How Are My Lovely SWAP’s!” -Autonomic Cee

QUESTION:(Please Respond in the comment area below! Let’s start some much needed conversation!

What are some of the things that we want our PRESIDENT to improve on? And if possible how can be sure that these improvements are made?

2 thoughts on “Sisters/Sons With A Purpose by: Autonomic Cee

  1. I would like to see the leader of the Free world create initiatives for businesses to be able to expand. There should be some more empowerment programs and arts program funding. I would also like to see the President put funding in more grassroots organizations that support inner city youth, displaced workers and seniors. I also would like to see a serious gun control campaign.


    1. Darlene, you made some excellent points but I think they need to give us the resources to do it ourselves. I don’t think many of our people are prepared for these kinds of advancements. What do you think Autonomic Cee?


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