Autonomic Cee


1. When did you begin writing?

I began writing from the age of about 7. I have lost too many poetry books to count and I hope someone has found them all and been inspired.

2. How did you know you were in Love with the Art?

I didn’t know I was in love with art. At first I thought I was a singer cause I do that very well too. Then it was pottery and crocheting. Then photography and tattooing. Then  finally art fell in love with me and all of it became a part of my peace. 

3. Where have you performed in the past?

I’ve performed at The Apollo as a singer. I’ve read my work at The Brooklyn Exposure, Common Ground Cafe, The #2 and #3 train. But Thee Street Poets Den is home.

3. Who are your greatest influences?


My children first and for most. they remind me of life’s possibilities. They see the simple things and make me slow down and ‘LOOOK MOMMY!!’

4. How old were you when you decided it was time to give back to the community?

I always gave back in one way or another. It’s the core of me but it wasn’t until the age of around 23 years old that I was willing to completely walk in my purpose and be purposeful in my giving back rather than just helpful.

5. what do you think people can do to give back?

Learn how to be Autonomous (Self directing freedom and especially moral independence) it clears up a lot of society’s miseducations once you learn to think for self. then you do for self a whole lot better as well. I believe giving back begins with healing self.

6. whats’ one thing you want to change in your community?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and one of the smaller over looked but huge issues is how dirty the hood is. We are doing it to ourselves. No one comes in our neighborhoods and dumps their trash and if we didn’t do it ourselves a precedence would be set. For my people I want AUTONOMY.

7. What is S.W.A.P.?
S.W.A.P is a life skills program. Our mission here is to take our sisters and sons who are having difficulty navigating and coping with the adversities they’re facing in life become a S.W.A.P!( Sisters/Sons.With.A.Purpose!) We believe that before you can succeed you must know what it is you’re to be succeeding at A.K.A your PURPOSE! We discuss any questions on life skills, education, politics, parenting, love, loss, & spirituality.The mission for S.W.A.P is to help our sisters and sons find and use their L.I.P.S(Life.Improvement.Plan.for Success) because we believe and know that the words of our mouths shall manifest in our lives. So we’ll speak positivity and possibility into existence. S.W.A.P comes from my struggle. it comes from my painful experiences parenting, it comes from my joy from nurturing my community…. It comes from my heart.

I am the founder of S.W.A.P  and we will have a S.W.A.P. House with our own housing program to empower my lovely S.W.A.Ps. I want my poetry to coincide with my purpose as an artist.

S.W.A.P in 5 years will be a lighthouse for those who have lost their way in the darkness of society imposed single parenting.


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