Article #1 KUSH w. Amsterdam News


Adult Learning Center to share limited space with new Charter School


By KRYSTAL BROWN, Special to the AmNews |

From the point of view of many students at Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center (MMALC), hearing that their school—which offers basic education courses, GED training/testing and refrigerator and air conditioning repair training, and has been open for more than 50 years, being exclusively dedicated to adult learning and GED programs—will be having Democracy Prep Harlem, a charter school co-located inside of it, is simply heartbreaking.

KUSH(Krystal Brown) is a Journalist. She is the Founder/CEO/Creative Director of her own interactive webseries called ‘Street Voices’; the series is based in New York City. For More Street Voices click here! KUSH is also a contributing Writer to The Amsterdam News. – The Street Blogger

Speaking with two of the students who attend MMALC, their biggest concern is if there will be enough space for both MMALC students and the new charter students. The Department of Education’s (DOE) plan is to slowly add charter school students grade by grade, slowly taking over space occupied by MMALC.

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