Adopted By Da Struggle

 Q. 1. When did u start rhyming and why? Who or what influenced you to make music?Well, I started rhyming in high school when I was about 15. It really started from me ‘beat boxing’ for other brothers. I kept the rhythm in tack until one day I decided to spit my first verse, which is needless to say… I murdered the sh*t and blew every body mind. From that moment in time a nice EMCEE was created. Music became my only escape from the foster care system I was in. It was therapy for me and since no one would listen to me I spoke to the pad; it always embraced my thoughs gracefully…I was inspired by Nas til this day. I could put others who I learned the art of rhyming from ut I won’t because… I still feel like Nas is who shaped me as if I knew him personally. There’s a million other drives that made me tap into my gift, but I’ll leave that for the album to explain.Q 2. What makes you different from other Emcees?

What seperates me from the masses is, I was chosen and they may have been called. I really don’t know, im just true to my craft; I am a realist, I can only write what I feel, see, and know about. A lot of dudes just go in about factious shit yo we all born and/or caught in the heart of the struggle, and that’s where I coming from with it. Reality is bliss yet scary to a lot of artist, but as I quoted in one of my hardest verses, “Life is what we make it….im just trying to make mines valid and purpose driven…god just blessed me with the talent to put it all in words……….

  Q 3. Any mixtapes or albums or features?

Yeah, I have 2 mixtapes and a bunch of features on a lot of the tracks with other artist, but everything was put on hold when I went away but I’m in the studio pretty heavy right now tryin to put it all back togeather.

Q 4. Are you working on anything/ what is it called? What it is about?

Yeah I’m working on my new album called… its about what I call blind reality. Real life matters, you know….’da struggle’ itself. I am the struggle nah mean? Its not about all this hokie pokie shit you hear now.

Q 5. Where can people check you out online?

You can find me on ( and on…….a lot of those tracks are vintage yet very relevant, for I wrote them a minute ago, but as some say, im before my time.

Q 7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Molding the beauiful minds of the future. I also want to get into acting,that’s sometime that comes natural along with what I do. I hope by then my buzz will be somin crazy, but if not I still will do what I came to this here world to do……follow the most highs will. Therefore only he really know the correct answer to this here question…feel me?

 Q 8. What do you think about mainstream HIP HOP now?

I really don’t think about it at all. I’m to focused on my devlopment as a artist. See, what my reality is.. isn’t there (in mainstream HIP HOP today). Everything is fictious now,the whole art is being washed away by these characters. I’m a monument and most of these mainstream folk are just visitors….should that make sense. However, I will never go mainstream, why?

Well, for some reason, people hate the truth vs what’s true………..what more can I say.

A 9. How do you want to make a difference in HIP HOP?

By being me, by being a leader, by being a force to reckon with, by allowing the powers that be contiune to guide my moves and inspire my thoughts, for if he’s with me who can be aginst me……word…listen, all the people have to do is zone out and wake up….just hear me out is all I wish for the peoples to do, im not an entertainer, im a artist who carves sculptures with the pen, and pierce souls with words……

Love iz love, Shaking…! A.B.D.S

One thought on “Adopted By Da Struggle

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