A Powerful Campaign (Thee Campaign)


The campaign is called “Powerful is a Lifestyle“. This is to promote the notion that success and change begins with the individual. We have to be better to one another by being better to ourselves an learning ourselves.

We plan on accomplishing this by stepping our game up in every way, and understanding that showing love is your biggest muscle!

We are Powerful.



Community Oriented.

Revolution Driven.

Your Friends. Your Family. Ourselves in every aspect of what we claim ourselves to be with flaws included. Leaders. Respectful. Revolutionary. So Fly the birds in the sky ask for lessons. Power is a lifestyle, we live it. Enjoy! Share this! Define what Power is, keep it positive, and SHINE my family.

Spread the word!

Let’s change the way we’ve made the world. One Community at a time. Word.

These Posters and those to come represent what Powerful looks like. Feel free to look up the Artists/Models that are participating in the campaign. These Artists are individuals who represent Powerful Lifestyles.
Stay Tuned for More! 

Do you live Powerfully and would like to be apart of this campaign?

Email us at Info@StreetPoetsNYC.com to be scheduled for  a Powerful Campaign.
You too can show the world what Powerful looks like!
Word! Peace Family.

Powerful is a Lifestyle. We Live it‘ – Street Poets Artistry Collective

To advertise during the Powerful Campaign Email HrshReyalitee@StreetPoetsNYC.com
This campaign is brought to you by Fire Bird Management Team, solely. The concept,  All images, motto’s, and sayings are copy written, registered, and reserved to Fire Bird Management Team. The Models present in each photo were chosen and participated in the campaign with a clear and sound mind, and receive full promotional benefits. Any copying of original idea, concept, altering of photos, or slander are all punishable by fees, fines, and court appearances. For more information please contact Vanessa Jacobs at FBMT@StreetPoetsNYC.com immediately. 

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