Recap: Link btw Artists & Depression (Anxiety Ants)

Peace Powerful People. First, I want to highlight the ‘Culture/Lifestyle’ section of this website. Not because I locate and write articles from scratch by way of my heart and post them there. The reason for this highlight is because I believe in the gems that we are dropping in that area. I believe these tools are helping us unlock our minds one at a time. I was reading an article that can be found right here on in the Culture/lifestyle section titled, “The Link btw Artists & Depression” and the idea of increasing our focus ability came to my mind.

Here is a excerpt from that article:

We often don’t realize that the depression is our thoughts. That’s it, there is nothing more and nothing less to it. Now this is nothing simple because our thoughts are our world. We live our lives inside of our head and we express the life that we live in our heads on the outside and cause interactions and experiences. So, this is very important to talk about… We can not take depression lightly because our thoughts are all that we have. Yes, the answer is changing your thoughts. Yes, the answer is remembering to live in the present. Yes, all of this is easier read than executed, yet possible.

– Thee Street Blogger

The ability to change our minds is done with focus. How easily distracted are you? Can you block out everything that is happening outside of yourself for the benefit of what is taking place on the inside?

Please take a look at the link between artists and depression article as well as Top 5 ways to stop fear and anxiety.

The next contribution to the Culture/Lifestyle section will be about…


– Thee Street Blogger

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