Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself (

It’s September and as renewed as I feel, lets not assume the tone of this post to be, “starting over”. Although this renewal call me to check out what we’ve been posting as far as Street fashion like Intimate Grind, and FTCK just to name of few Designers that are posted here on the site.

Back to Business…

‘Why NOT start over?’ is a question some subscribers might ask. Well, everything has brought us to this wondrous moment in our connection through your subscription to ‘Underground Intelligence’ (as I like to call it); and the same can be said for our personal experiences.

To separate our good from the our bad, for the sake of “starting over” could be considered ungodly. It would only be right to get rid of the good as well, and thankfully this isn’t possible or a popular option. So we learn and grow from our experiences and heal. I often forget to remember how insignificant I am in this universe, but when I do remember it is a wondrous experience. You can read more about finding yourself through your experiences by reading some of the dope articles posted right here such as this one; How To Find Yourself (Again).

I remember that my personal experiences are microscopic in reality and magnified in my own eyes only. However the beauty of Zooming out shows me I can focus on the aspects of life that I can share with the people around me, and will bring me outside of the prison of negative thoughts. Like the ability to be awake, the air that I breathe, the music that I love to bop to. These things I choice to focus on. My insignificant personal experiences that usually only come to destroy my perception of the future must take a back seat.

I remember that I can slow down as often I choose. I remember that Life is indeed a choice that I am making or not making; and as we begin to get older we realize that is also making a choice. We should aim to take a more aggressive approach to details. Using myself as an example; I don’t just want Coffee, I want to pick the complexion of my Joe.

We have been talking about these things here on for a while now. Two Articles on the site stand our the most, The link between Artist and Depression , and How Complaining rewires your brain for Negativity. Who Am I? I am the Street Blogger. Bringing you news and reviews on the Artists that we know, support and vibe with in the functions. Although most of these Artists are on the underground aspects of expression, we think it’s better that way.

This post is simply to let you know that things are going to change and some how stay exactly the same in many words. Poetry? Yes. Music? Yes. Events. I promise to never the roots, baby!

I thank you in a major way for your feedback and input as subscribers. A peoples choice topic is always alternative methods to health. It’s funny because you would think that pharmaceutical drugs would be called the alternative style to health, right? A subscriber was my first introduction to Dr. Sebi years ago, and I decided to share some of his (Dr. Sebi) best tips to increase health, and healing.

Photo by Zach Vessels

So stay tuned. Be Gorgeous, and Stay Gorgeous, Juheard? – The Street Blogger

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