Thee Open Mic presents Copper Whales (Fri June 28th) RSVP ONLY





It’s more than time for the next session, Ladies and Gentlemen. Much Love to everyone who is subscribed to our RSVP list because they already have the address Ladies and Gentlemen! Back to business, the vibes is what lifts us most high! Many may not know this but I am from the Bronx, Powerful People. After all the traveling Hrsh Reyalitee has done, she and I have decided that it’s time to take it back home! Special shout out to Copper Whales and the collective. Me and my Negus don’t like to talk a lot so I’m going to just drop the flyer so you can do your thing. It’s time for the link up!
P.S. Looking to record your poems in a professional atmosphere? email me with ATTN to Thee Street Blogger, and I will find you. I am charging $10 per poem, and I will engineer the track for you. 


Maybe this is your first time coming to the Street Poets Den. Check the videos that follow our trail of Secret Locations and get ready:
-Thee Street Blogger



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