KRS speaks Laws Of Attraction/Higher Self (Video) + NYC heavy

Peace Ladies and Gentlemen! Another beautiful day we have to be the best we can be without denying how we truly feel. No matter what that is. The knowledge I would like to share with you today is intense. Understanding the higher-self that is acknowledged by many names and consciousness’. The driving force behind everything that we do or do not do. The awareness and recognition of a Soul. It’s purpose, what drives it, what keeps it up or down, and how it connects and affect the body for the good and what can cause it to feel not so good. The Soul, the only difference between us. It speaks to us all in different ways  but we all have the same channels to receive and connect with what is ready to receive and guide us. The Soul don’t get tired, so we connect with our bodies to give it what it needs to keep up. Man..just what the video. I mean…we can talk about this all day, you feel me? Roll up something, I got the loose teas, young star.

Side note: Fashion? Someone requested that I added more fashion to the site. I dress like a truck driver from bed-stuy with a ’95 twist but we’ll see. – The Street Blogger


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