PoemFinds: Ronald Vinson “Letter To Your Flag” (Video)

The beauty of Poetry Ladies and gentlemen. This poem touched my spirit because it is also apart of the reflection that I see, looking back at me. The flag was used to trick and fool our people to risking their lives to protect it. This flag is what I personally pay tribe to. Not because my teacher taught me the pledge, but because of the blood that as bled for it to shine like does today, baby. My people brought to America and that were already in America died, fought, innovated, and believed in a vision that I am proud of today. If we take a normal day and remove everything from it that was created by a black America we would be “the F word in the past tense, up”. I pledge allegiance to my ancestors, by their blood…we are as free as we are allowing ourselves to be. 


Thank you for your comments, and feedback. Please keep it coming. – The Street Blogger (2018)





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