Move Over Grandpa, we got a new BBQ Jam from Uncle Snoop & Duval!!

Peace Powerful People!

Everytime I hear this song on the radio, I am happy it is on the radio! It is so easy to let the motions of daily life get you down, and discouraged. People are afraid to connect, and shine their light! This is shocking as ‘light work’ has become so popular. Well, thank you uncle snoop and Duval because this song is a vibe, baby.

I’ve posted the official video, as well as a dope ass video (by the people; us). Check out both versions; the version with the black kids dancing is my favorite. It just gives me a physical representation of what “You aint gotta lie to kick it”, really means! Follow me on instagram. Look up @TheeStreetBlogger! Oh Yes! It’s time Ladies and gentlemen! Live ya best life! Don’t go back and forth with these nig**s, bruh!!! – The Street Blogger


The official video



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