The Blood Moon w. (@DrMumbi), What Now?

The Blood Moon! What Now?!

Lets first talk more about what exactly happened last night. The blood moon appeared in the sky as a total lunar eclipse, and was red in tone/color which gives it the nickname ‘red moon’. According to the internet, the blood moon is a symbol that marks the completion of one cycle, system, way of thinking, and the beginning of a new cycle, system, or way of thinking. The moon is known for change. In the Bible, a red moon is brought up in the context of the world ending or a great cataclysmic event taking place. The sighting of a blood moon is the recognition of change, regardless if the change is warranted or not.

Change is such a broad topic; what is the nature of the changes taking place? Will it be a change for the better or worst? All of the changes that will be taking place will be necessary actions that will push us forward or move us away; both motions will be for the advancement of growth as individuals, a community, and a nation.

As you should know, there are forces of good and evil that are active on a daily basis, all around us, and nonstop. It is no coincidence that many of the materials provided to us via the internet regarding this blood moon advise us to stay protected, cleanse, and stay in the mindset of healing. These three signs have the same tone as the tips to stay alive during a fire; stop, drop and roll. Was the blood moon last night a signal to implement the life saving drill that we know will save our selves, loved ones, and values? Yes, the sign that we all have been waiting for has appeared. It is time to implement the steps needed, and to do so right now in order for us to be rewarded richly for taking back control of our lives. Right now is the time because we now know that the blood moon is a symbol for change, a synonym for change is ‘Shift’.

Often when we think about taking back control of our lives, we refer to our personal power for the benefits of our financial future, mental stability and ‘living in our personal truth’ (which are all extremely important concepts, and yet purely pieces of a much larger puzzle). However, I would like for us to broaden our minds. Zoom out of what we know to be our lives today; not only do we want to keep in mind the breath that we pray to take tomorrow, but also the preservation of Peace for all of mankind. Along with Peace, I urge us to keep in mind the preservation of unlimited and readily available resources; as the Earth is abundant and can never run out of resources. This idea is challenged by our national and local leadership on a daily basis. To get through these challenges we must remember; some (not all) human beings are not living within the healthy boundaries or ‘vibe’ of Love. They have arranged access to resources that are limited or often unavailable.

I would like to be extremely explicit about our resource concerns as Americans. We have concerns about the food quality, air quality, accuracy of educational materials in schools, rent and food prices, living wages, the American value system, and the exploitation of the so called “Black” American culture. The blood moon that we experienced last night has called us to stop, drop, and roll in the face of all these many fires! These fires are not restricted to Americans; which is why we must become aware of the need to save ourselves. Our need for awareness is not only for our own quality of life, but to assist in the liberation of the world. When the world is liberated, the forces that keep us paralyzed are as limited as the college educated New Yorker with $2,200 rent, 2 roommates whom are newly residents, and a NYC Restaurant gig that keeps them in the fight for 40 hours a week with no helmet or gloves.

I would like to introduce you to a Youtuber named Dr. Mumbi. She is an African woman from Kenya, who delivers information to assist in the awakening of the people of Her Country, Her Continent, and Her race. Yes! Say her name while she is still alive! Dr. Mumbi!

She has excellent information for us in-regards to the blood moon and our connection to the eclipse. Check her out and subscribe to her channel, because I did. – The Street Blogger




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