Top 5 ways to stop fear & anxiety (video incld.)

Peace Powerful People! During these times where we are consumed by our goals, dreams, jobs, and relationships of all kinds, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is obvious, and being anxious seems to be automatic when we are swamped with “what must be done”. It’s ironic that we are unable to do any of those things effectively when anxiety kicks in. So here are 5 tips to overcome anxiety. 

  1. Deep breathing/staying grounded. Deep breathing isn’t only calming but if you focus on each breath, you will automatically change your focus with effort. Before deep breathing make a goal to deep breathe 10 times.  Focus on each breath; how many counts you are breathing in and out. Change your focus! Notice the control that you actually do have over your mind, and believe in it.
  2. Zoom out. It is often that we look at the big picture and instantly become anxious, and stressed out. The big picture can fall on you like a ton of bricks, and the overwhelming nature of all of your duties and responsibilities rushing your brain at once and you freeze up. Zoom out, write a list, don’t devalue accomplishing the small tasks because those should motivate you for the bigger ones. Take it one task at a time.
  3. Remember the power of your thoughts and words. The things that you say to yourself, about yourself, and keep in your mind are shaping you every moment of your life with how you feel about your circumstance, heart, and ‘to-do list’.
  4. Talk to someone. Our anxiety serves a purpose, it keeps us alive. It alerts us to discomforts around us. However, it is not purposeful if it is holding you back. There is a great stigma when it comes to going to therapy and getting professional assistance but I encourage you to know yourself, and be open to getting your spirit car fixed.
  5. Make sure your not hungry, or just need to spend some time away from your ‘to-do list’ (if you’ve been working too much), beloved. 


The video below features Mel Robbins, it is a great help, so many of her points have proven to regain composer and take control of our world. Below the video I make mention of ‘Anchor thoughts’, that Mel Robbins helps us understand; pay attention during the video.

Anxiety is real, but so is Peace.

Anchor Thoughts – There is a saying that many people use that goes, “you have to already see yourself there”. Tricking your brain in this manner helps your brain almost see in you future, already successful, and already safe. This anchor thought keeps your grounded as Mel mentioned. Enjoy the video, and pay close attention. Word.


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