Poem Finds:WrittenInPain – Human Remix(Audio)

After you click the link and you’re directed to the WrittenInPain soundcloud page, stay a while before you come back over to StreetPoetsNYC.com, of course. I’ve received weather request; I got you, my people. I honestly can not say you do not know this man because you have seen his work, you’ve seen his stage presence, you’ve seen the composition. So click and simply fall off the map, and into the world…. of Pain. I hope I give off the humble vibe of speechlessness regarding this Poet. When I think about it, and I do not have to think to hard about this; WrittenInPain is one of those Poets in New York City that everyone hopes to be one day. Not only seasoned with the luxuries of consistency but with the reality of actually coming from the underground. There probably isn’t a poetry scene that isn’t waiting for something they don’t know will change their standards forever. That thing is this man hitting any motherf*$kin microphone. It’s not only the message but the messenger is still key. The messenger has the key, and drives the car that you will decide to either get in…or watch as it rides.

Listen to real rap, real life, real poetry. Enjoy. Click links, love yaself.  On another note, (btdubb) The show is a bit delayed, but I always come thru..will you? You liked it lol.

– The Street Blogger



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