Russell’s Survival: skateboarder stabbed by cyclist.

Peace Freedom Warriors,


I am sharing this gofundme in hopes that the Den Family can honestly help this young artist during a difficult time, someone who has been to the Den and shared with us all. Russell T. was in a street spat with a cyclist who then stabbed russell. Russell is a member of the Art Community, at one point on any given day you could find him at Rapskool (hosted by: Cordero) doing what he does best, bringing the vibes through his rhymes. I remember he was the first person who made me want to stop smoking cigarettes even though we both picked the nasty habit back up later. I hope we both are done with the fags (cigarettes).

Click the link for the full story but this is what Russell has shared with us publicly on his instagram:



He is a talent lyricist, please check out the links because they are all here! Click the link and donate! We always talk about helping the young people, well here is the chance. Sharing this link because I know what it is like to need someone to push for you. promo until something happens. Share the link!!!


Forget a T-shirt, help him while he’s still with us.


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