NYC is being taken over by delivery couriers!

Good Morning Powerful People. When you read the headline, I am sure you had a flash of delivery drivers speeding by you on their electric bicycles with a pocket for of cash for change. Remember when people would “play you” for delivering pizza? Well it seems like more and more people are doing there best to get in on the delivery action that is only getting started. Some of the largest delivery companies are combining and getting stronger. Right now, nothing is more important to Americans that financial freedom, and with the lid being blown off of “9-5 jobs” its easy to see how many are looking forward to making the transition to becoming an independent contractor. Enjoy the goodies below.
– Street Blogger
What’s all the craze about ride share services and delivery courier networks? Well, the name of the game is freedom with financial gain.
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With the ride share business requiring little effort on the drivers end,  it is easy to see why people are choosing to go the sweet of route of being an independent contractor. However, is the road to rode share and delivery riches really paved with instant money?
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Well, not exactly. The key to ride share and delivery driving success is time management as well as a healthy change in perspective.
It is important to never approach your ride share/delivery gig with the same eyes as your regular full time job. Not in the sense that this can not he your full time, as many have made ride sharing and couriership a full time job.
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Look at ride sharing/delivery gigs in the sense that only time will reflect increase and your lack of time invested will reflect accordingly.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, this business is all about how much time you are willing to spend in your car!
Some say “it isn’t worth driving all day”, and some believe the bonuses of not having overhead, having financial freedom and abundance, and the ability to-be paid after every work day outweighs the view of driving being a burden.
(Me next to my rental saying goodbye because I bought a car!)
I like to believe that ride sharing and delivering with companies such as postmarks and doordash aren’t for everyone. I think ride share and delivery services and I think about the people who are taking back control.
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On average, ride share drivers are making 850/week and delivery couriers are making 500/week.
 (Preparing to switch out my rental from my apps and male more money to invest in my art and my community)IMG_20171215_071056_063
Here are 7 tips to help you get started in the ride share business.
1. Don’t let not owning a car stop your interest in being a driver.
– You may not he able to participate in delivery services as they do require you to have your own vehicle. Lyft, the ride share company has partnered with Hertz in many cities (not NYC) across America.
– If you live in NYC, you best bet is to start with delivery services such as Postmates, as they allow you to make money delivering on foot. This will allow you to utilize public transportation to make your deliveries go smoothly.
2. You have 2 jobs: keeping gas in your car and your phone in service and charged.
– Carrying a car charger easily keeps you ahead on one of your jobs.
– Gas always comes first. Always have 20 dollars readily available for gas in case of an emergency or in case you look down at the gage and see your gas light is on “out of no where”. It happens, folks.
3. When delivering people, always look like you’ve been driving Miss Daisy for 40 years.
– Be smooth
– Be In-charge
– Stay Alert
– Don’t be annoying but don’t be a driving deadbody; seek balance.
4. Always keep a beverage for yourself.
– You will have a whole new appreciated for…. the toilet.
5. Work at the right times.
– As a ride share driver/ app based delivery courier your partnering company will notify you about boosts, surges, and hotspots that they establish for you to make more money during their busiest times. Take full advance and always drive during those times, even if you only drive during those times.
6. Don’t overwork yourself.
– You will make yourself tired and bored of anything that you run into the ground. Seek balance.
7. Look out for tips from customers!!

– Don’t be a kissass but don’t be a asshole and I promise you will make tons of tips, l

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