Higher Self Talk + Chicago Based Mick Jenkins

If you already know here is a reminder. If you didn’t know… You’ve just been out on. His name is Mick Jenkins. I’ve been listening to this Artist for a while years now at this point. He’s been putting out none stop music for the soul for years now.

As far as disrespecting women in his lyrics he keeps it to a minimum. He does not like hoes. Now, I understand where he is coming from however seeing how this system is set up and how our idolistic goals are set up. It is inappropriate to take about prostitution of any form.

Some would say no need to go so deep, but once you listen to his music you will understand it is actually very necessary to get that deep. This brother is not your average rapper. His message is deep, pure, and Hip Hop. It’s not white washed like our radio junkie artists. Much love to them regardless, because we are stars in the sky trying to shine as bright as possible.

Keep your ear to the street for this Chicago based Emcee.

For more on this artist visit mickjenkins.com as well as find him on your TiDal or Spotify (if you really lit)

Tell me what you think in the comments.

– the street blogger


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