Who Has The Hottest event in town + LA: Tha Juice Joint + Liemert Park

So a few months back I hit up this event in Hollywood called ‘Tha Juice Joint’. It’s an open jam session where they have a band that jams with you while you take your place at the mic! Anyone and everyone is invited to come on stage and share their vibe.

The function was super legit, when I was there the guy on keys caughty attention and so did the host. She was awesome! I felt like I was at a hippy church filled with millenuals, it was great.
I ran into her at Leimert Park on a Sunday which isnt weird at all. At Leisure park on a Sunday, you will run into tons of creative young black Men and Women leaders hanging out at the weekly community gathering. Organizers, creators, painters, jazz players, and of course Poets. Lots and lots of poetry.
Follow the host of ‘Tha Juice Joint’. Follow @hrshreyalitee and the homie with her in the car @rbgconnect. Don’t forget to check out Liemert Park Plaza if you are ever in Los Angeles on Sunday!

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