Boost Your Immune System Today! + Dr. Sebi Inspired + Join The Health Movement

Peace Powerful People. As you know our Dr. Sebi is has been an ancestor for two years just about. His legacy lives on.

According to my own research with Dr. Sebi all disease is the body is caused by overly developed mucus in the body.

Get rid of the mucus in your body and you will heal yourself. Your organs refresh every 7 years or so. So do the math, ladies and gentlemen. I an not saying it will take 7 years to remove mucus because that is far from the truth. The sooner you start the better. Dr. Sebi also taught us that when you see symptoms, marks, pains, etc. This is NOT this introduction to a new problem but rather your body letting you know about what is already been going on.

Removing mucus from your body in 5 easy steps. Steps that most become your lifestyle. Change them and make them your own. Add to these steps. Research Dr. Sebi and inform yourself. I know we’ve been talking about the master teacher but please check him out and stay lit.

1. Drink more water. You are mostly water. Give yourself what you are. If you a poet, you write more poems to develop your craft. Correct? Exactly.

2. Get Lots of sleep. Do not fall for the “hustle no sleep” crap. Love yourself.

3. Don’t eat food from cans, microwaves, and do your heat to stay away from plastic bottles. I know it’s hard but it’s hard for a reason.

4. Be happy. Laugh a lot. Think a bit less. Do what makes you happy.

5. Stay away from breakfast bars, sugar, starch, and artificial foods.

These are the basics. I will go deeper in later posts. For now, enjoy this video that provides you with excellent material.

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