Poetry Submission: ‘Homeless Hero’ via Hrsh Reyalitee (Repost)

Peace Street Poet,

It is impressive how January is just about over. I hope you are keeping up your vibe well. You are saluted for continuing to work diligently on your craft; and you have not begun to do so you are saluted for recognizing your areas needing improvement.

Now back to the business at hand. I am here to share work from an American Poet by the name of Hrsh Reyalitee who is also our co-founder. We thank her for sharing her soul, and we share ours with her as well. Please feel free to comment below your thoughts and how the poem has made you feel. Please click the link below as it send you directly to Hrsh R.’s blog where you can find her Poetry.

Please remember to send your art work/poetry with a picture of yourself and your bio to fbmtsociety@gmail.com for website feature consideration. – The Street Blogger

Below is a excerpt from the poem, click HERE to read full poem.

“Like I just moved in.

I’m living out of the front room of my backpack pocket.

I’m looking for good green at yellow lights, I am afraid of stopping.

I am human.

Setbacks holding me up like nuces.

Keeping me down like payouts, and I want to be secure like an anchor.

I’m…obviously stained like dingy dungarees

See reality eventually takes emotions face, and reminds me the tears running will keep me in my place of being humble while I mumble.

See, the mold to make me lighter was heavy.

The only thing gaining on me was that weight on my shoulders, I knew that I… would get over. Cuz where I been was swearing me like top lips.

Hovering over every word that I’d spit.

Trynna cut me off like I’m not in my lane” – Written by Hrsh Reyalitee (For Full Poem Please Click Link Above)

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