Welcome To 2018. Submit Your Love Themed Poetry & Artwork Today

Peace Street Poets,

Welcome to a New Year. This year is especially great for all of us because we have a chance to tart brand new. Many of us are Artist and Art-lovers alike who are looking for major changes to take place this year. Now, some of these changes may be drastic or not so drastic. For example, some of us are looking to find time for more pleasure, for love, and more health. This is what this time of year is all about! So make your plans, make your list, and this time..stick to them. Look forward to our monthly newsletter, and monthly events. I hope you enjoy the new layout as much I do. It makes me so excited to share news about Art, health, investing, and politics all year long.


This year our focus will be on Love and Community. So, we welcome you to join us in this by submitting Love themed poems and art works to fbmtsociety@gmail.com. We will share them right here on StreetPoetsNYC.com. Peace. -The Street Blogger


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