New Poetry from IG: @HrshReyalitee via #Blog (Repost)

Peace Powerful People. More Poetry is the movement coming to us from Hrsh Reyalitee and I love it. So let’s get right into it. I’ve rposted the entire post straight from This poem is great because at point we could of started caling the Poet ‘Hrsh what happened’ instead of Hrsh Reyalitee. So when this poem appeared there was shock on my keys. I had to really digest what I was ingesting. Please don’t make me start a poem in my section because I go off any who….
Let’s get focused on the Artist, the Legend, The Homie; Hrsh Reyalitee. Check out her new poem. – The Street Blogger


I decided to share this poem with you. I wasn’t going to because it bared my ugly truth. But this is apart of my healing, to be honest. Besides, I didn’t see this poem coming but it was commanded out of me. With understanding, and humbleness I obeyed. I share this respectfully. I want to share my art that came and is still rolling from a real place. I am behind on my work but I have goals to catch up year (Yes, it’s time for those corny ‘Next Year isn’t far away’ jokes). No more apologizing. – Shadel ( IG: @HrshReyalitee)


Familiar rhyme patterns, Poetry was always our lattern, returning to memories when only the Sun brought the light, I drowned us in the dark.

sanity wouldn’t carry me let alone stand me from afar.

I’m not a con nor was I ever thee imposter.
And I have changed, I did grow and confessed useless ‘build a wall’ attempts at straightening my posture.

But I had to appear less guilty of mishandling a once well kept heart.
As if the crowd were doctors I point to exhibit the pain in my parts.

Some too mistoke me for a robber…

Looking for inner forgiveness…

I put myself in a jail, kept the key on me.
Tucked my cool in my boots, still overwhelmed by the heat.
Walked miles for forgiveness, no one would put hands on me.
I had to save myself, face the day control I’d flee.

face the hands that didn’t turn back and lost faith.
Face the confusion that severed a union and left in its place a plague.

Disregarding the falsehoods and bickering.
Its just noise created and orcastred to block out the sympathy…
Of a womans cries that I’ve heard for years.
About what I really did to make us both create falling tears.
That would be bait that took present wayside falling peers

…with its current.

Cuz just like that I let it go…
Like gravity, water, and seeds,
from dirt I had to grow.

I don’t bother anyone from that season. I’ve parted ways with love in my heart,
and I have my reason:
What I did in a relationship stained on they brain. They changed up like I once in love.
Didn’t have the courage to tell me why, so I remembered when I crimed the same and sweetly said goodbye.
I erased me since I am the reason and cause
Released me for the sake of their freedom from all the names I was called.
No need to further be embarrassed, then I left me for God to mold

For myself and these new days to grow.
I just decided to let it all go.

So I’m good now, said the day
And said Humbly so.
With love in my heart that I will never forgo.

-Hrsh Reyalitee


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