“Words not for the ears but for the Soul” -Arielle Estoria (Video) X L.A. Open Mic (AsWeDwell.com)


Sunday September 24th (& every last Sunday of the month)

As We Dwell holds a monthly open mic hosted and directed by Arielle Estoria. In full support Street Poets are in attendance and you should come through. This vibey, calm open mic that was specifically made for the Poet, Writer, Vocalist, and Visual Artist is taking place in Los Angeles, California. The atmosphere invites the aware artist, and also the Artistic Believers of all the high powers in the universe. To top the evening off, it is hosted by an Amazing Poet by the name of Arielle Estoria. She is known for ‘pulling on heart strings’ and calming your spirit before she ignites your soul with her lyrical arrangements. Sounds like a classic, huh? It is

For more information about this event and other Art events happening all month in the As We Dwell Space, check out (AsWeDwell.com)

No worries NYC, we are on our way home; please stay tuned for the next NYC Open Mic #TheeOpenMic event. Peace to Hrsh Reyalitee on her travels and explorations in L.A. Thank you for supporting Hrsh on her journey as we are all growing together on one accord. Art saved us, and will lift us all. Powerful Is A Lifestyle. You can submit to StreetPoetsNYC.com by emailing us at info@StreetPoetsNYC.com with your video, poem, audio and visual art.  Now let’s get to know the host of this monthly Poetry meet up. We shall. -The Street Blogger
Connect with Arielle Estoria:
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