Official P4CM Poet, Jackie Hill: “A Deep Poem..” (Video)

The Sister said “I am nothing more than commercialized Voodoo, and you..are my Harry Pot-ters”. Please press play on the video for context!!!!! My Lord I love to hear Poetry that feeds the vibe, Ladies and gentlemen. I am currently making a space in Los Angeles, California as this organization expands to connect with the Sisters and Brothers in Poetry and unite the East and West Coast in OUR way. Please continue to send us your love and gratitude. I can not say that it has been difficult, because following your heart is a natural motion that we must obey, and appreciate. As you know our monthly  gatherings in Brooklyn are alive and well.  Now! Back to the business at hand before I continue on a tangent. Take a moment for Poetry and enjoy this poem. You will read the description and say “Not another poem about weed, I’ll pass (No pun intended)” but I invite you to have a seat an listen to this Sister and stop playing. Love Y’all. Til the next post. Peace.
About Jackie Hill:
Jackie Hill-Perry (née Jackie Hill, born June 21, 1989) is an American poet, writer, and hip hop artist from St. Louis. Hill-Perry initially garnered popularity for her performances of spoken word pieces such as “My Life as a Stud”, “A Poem About Weed”, and “Jig-a-Boo” at the Passion 4 Christ Movement (P4CM). She has written for various Christian ministry organizations, such as The Resurgence and John Piper‘s Desiring God, on the topic of Christianity and homosexuality. She signed to the Portland, Oregon-based Christian hip hop label Humble Beast in January 2014, and released her debut album on November 4, 2014, available both commercially and for free. Hill married fellow spoken word artist Preston Perry in March 2014, and now has a one year old baby girl.
An encounter with sexual abuse as a child contributed to the confusion over her gender identity she faced while growing up, and Hill-Perry at age seventeen discovered that she was a lesbian. She lived a life of sexual promiscuity and struggled with drug and pornography addiction, until her conversion to Christianity in 2008. Her self-proclaimed status as a former lesbian has sparked controversy, with many gay rights activists stating that sexual orientation cannot be changed and that Hill-Perry’s experience lend credence to the idea of conversion therapy. Hill-Perry, however, maintains her belief that God can transform lives and that He empowers believers to resist temptation.


-The Street Blogger 

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