Poets of Our Generation, Kearah Armonie #May26th (Video)

Peace Powerful People! I know right now we are all going crazy over the male rompers. Fellas, I need you to get on it. I need you to be all about the romper, for real. Now! As you know May 26th is quickly approaching and we are locked, loaded, and ready to blast off. The Sis I am posting about it not new to the Street Poets Den. Her name is Kearah Armonie and She actually shared the stage at the Street Poets Den with one of  the leader of our Poetic Generation; Jasmine Mans. If you are not sure if Jasmine Mans is KING, please re~evaluate. See, there is nothing wrong with uplifting a Sister to be as big as the figures we’ve never seen, or can’t confirm as to really existing and having our best intentions at heart.
Clearly, if the Sis shared the stage with J.M. than she is equally worthy to be lifted up, so please embrace all of the love that I am praising both Sisters with! Anyhow, the last time I heard her perform, it was in Brooklyn at an event about bringing Mass Incarceration to an end. I immediately remember how much of a powerhouse the Sister is! I can not wait for you to see her perform in the Den on May 26th. See flyer above, in the event section, and or on social media and share it! 
Check out some of the content the Sis has created, get to know her, follow her, lift the Sister up! Fellas, shake that ass in the romper for a real Sis. *Jokes*

Click here to check out Kearah Armonie on Youtube! 

 ~The Street Blogger. 

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