Orisha Love ‘Resonance’ #May26th (Video)

Yes we are young but don’t you think for a second that we don’t know what’s going on! Powerful People I don’t know what is going on but the energy in the air feels absolutely incredible! On my way to bring you these goodies, I saw some beautiful people on the A train. If what I saw is the general energy of how we are feeling New York City, I love it!
Orisha Love! She is a Woman with Passion that seems to come from a humble place, that demands your attention to the many dimensions of her poetry. Her performance will capture you, and you will not be able to take your ears off of her objective. Her Poetry commands the attention of every heart in the room, and as you know the Street blogger tells no lies! She has recently release a book and had a release party in Brooklyn, New York and from the pictures it was fabulous. I can not wait to see this Sis return to the Street Poets Den and do her thing.
F.Y.I., the Sis is raising money and needs all of our support any way we can extend it! Donate Now to Orisha Love’s book! 

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