Why More Artists should talk about Money (Article)

When we think about taboos among other things we think of politics, religion, and… paying for Art. Talking about money in the Creative Industry is often a delicate topic, it is believed that Writers & Artists alike are willing and happy to work for free. There are many reasons that Artist should be paid, and high on that list is their ability to do what they love and make a living off of it.
Although it may be difficult, it is important to be as transparent as possible when discussing your payment expectations. In the Creative Industry if we are not collaborating with large companies with large budgets, we are dealing with organizations that do not have a structure when it comes to paying Artists. This is how it is possible for some Artist to be paid per page and other Artist are subjected to the word the scratches every chalk board, “exposure”.
Now why is this the case? Why do we have the “Starving Artist” mindset when it comes to paying Artists for Writings, Performances, Painting, and the sort?
When we think of Art, we think of Magic. When we think of Magic we think of an escape from the norm, and our norm is Capitalism. It is not easy to put pure Art in capitalism; although for hundreds of years class and racism has made it possible for some to make money and others to create for no pay. Thankfully we have broken some of those barriers, but with a whole new day comes a whole new way to tackle an old problem because there is nothing new under the Sun. 
“But one result of this awkward dance between art and commerce is that sometimes people don’t know what to do with something that exists both inside and outside of a transactional economy.” – Creator of WhoPaysWriters.com 
Money is the leader of the New Age Capitalist, and understanding how magic requires money takes away from the magic, right? Wrong.
The first step is for not for the Buyer but rather the seller. Art is something that is tangible, and stands as proof the Artist exists or had existed and made a contribution for the betterment of society and or the Her/Himself. With this being said we must understand that ART IS WORK. It is created from barehands from pure thought. Therefore, Artist have to create their own set of values along side their purpose. 
Allow these value to be your guide. When we change our values, we only begin to deliver new messages to our higher self that will change our mindset with time and creating new habits. These values will respond for you when you are asked to deliver your Art for free and that voice will say “No”, follow it! Don’t be afraid to follow your true self even in the face of fear. Let the sentence “Who can I speak with about compensation?” be apart of your heart.
WhoPaysWriters.com is a excellent website for experienced writers to use to seek paid gigs. For writers who are starting out it is best for you to develop your content. You want to have a full plate of food for the people, and you do so by GETTING TO WORK. Paying for followers of social media, and operating in your comfort zone by doing all the things your great at for the rest of your life just won’t cut it!
So yes, we need to continue to shout out loud “We Will Not For Free!” but we also being to say to ourselves that “I will work for me”. 
– The Street Blogger 


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