Motivation to stick to the plan. (Reblog)

I decided to share this post because it is a known fact that you will hear things multiple times before it is absorbed by your sub-conscious mind. So please head over to Cristian Mihai’s website and read his blog entry and continue to change your life. This is especially necessary if you are an artist, or entrepreneur because you are in a constant state of needing to be reminded that…everything will be alright, just don’t stop going in the direction of your dreams. -The Street Blogger 

“Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you, and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s that simple. The higher your self-belief, the more your power to transform reality. Having supreme confidence makes you fearless and […]

via You’ve got to love yourself — Cristian Mihai


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