The Late Anthony Wong. Music Review (Audio)

Peace Powerful People!
I know it has been awhile, but I’m here with that necessary juice, baby! Ladies and gentlemen, I feel a strong feeling in my spirit to give you more of the Street Blogger, yes more of me! There is so much that we have yet to explore, but what I want to give you will keep us in the Culture and Lifestyle section more often. *Wink Face*
Now back to the task at hand, I would like to share some music from a young man by the late, Anthony Wong. Now I know the audience of those who check out and we are actually talking more through the email account (because that is how to reach me)  and it has really helped to strengthen that bond. So, sharing music from this brother here is something that I know your going to love. Like Shea Butter and Black Soap baby I know your going to love the feeling… his music is going to leave you with. The track below is his latest. His sound is very original, especially this track. I would say this track feels like a night out out with Usher and Bilal. Peep and Peace.
-The Street Blogger


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