Introducing The Legacee Kares App! Available NOW!

Peace Powerful People!
Legacee (One of 3 founders of the Street Poets NYC) has developed an app that will be a resource for homeless youth in New York City; and this app is very important. According to, In October 2016 there were 62,306 homeless people, including 15,769 homeless families with 24,121 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. These shocking numbers are letting you know exactly how much this free resource is such a big deal! As you know Legacee is more than family to us, she is gold. We are completely behind her as she continues on this journey. A journey that started months back! She’s been working on this diligently for the community and we thank her. So support, download, and donate because this is a free app, so she needs your support to keep it up and running. Peep and Peace.
Legacee Kares is now available for download at the google play store!


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