American Perception: “What needs the most change in America?” (Article)

When we discuss societal issues and the need for change within our communities in small groups and find ourselves just as confused after the conversation as we were when it started. At this point in our history in America, we need to illustrate the issues as simply as we can so that they are transparent, and can be tackled in small pieces. What needs the most change In America is the question at hand. It is impossible to reach a status of financial wealth without subjecting yourself to accepting the ideas of White American Culture.
What is White American culture? Well, before we answer that, I think we should have a good picture of what “Culture” means and how it is being used in this context. The below definition is coming from On the site, culture has more than 1 meaning. Below are 3 of the 12 definitions found for culture.
Culture [kuhl-cher] n.: 
1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits,etc. 
2. the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic,or age group. 
3. (Anthropology) the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.
 Now that we have a clear view of what culture is we can proceed. (It is important to have the definition of the word as it is being applied in your life. We can have our own definitions and we should but we must learn and understand the language of those who govern us.) From this definition it is safe to gather that the CULTURE of whiteness is to take over and redesign in the name of development. The people must be in order with the structure laid out for them. With money as the overseer to make sure the development of the People, the law and the lands goes according to plan. You can’t live without money or any form of American accepted currency in 2016, or any year.  Currency is the fuel of White American Culture.
Why is White American Culture a problem? White American culture forms our idea of people/humans, lifestyle, money, beauty, skin color, assets, wealth, business, education, etc. The culture of white culture is, simply put, “White is Right”. So everything that has to do with whiteness is probably the right direction. Now this is where White American Culture is a problem because all other cultures within America are dying or doing their best at surviving.  
We can find proof of this within the education system. You have a harder time being successful without the White American Standard education system, or it’s approval. Are their other ways to educate yourself? Yes! Will these certificates and validations get you the income that you need just as the Master’s Degree, College Diploma or GED even? Yes, but you will need to use a bit more magic. Without taking advantage of the tradition of American education while living in America you will limit your money flow, and ultimately your assets. However, we are thankful that independent business is taking the country by storm. With independent business it is difficult to mass produce. So local merchants win, and communities thrive. As you know major companies do not see the benefits of this as mass production is their strength.
But let’s go back to definition 3 of culture; after reading the definition again we can see how this example of white American Culture within the education system is very real! We can pinpoint where education has and is being used as a tool to control status and create problems such as poverty, and use those problems to create solutions that will benefit those with the right degree who will be employed to govern more than, those who need the help. Education is one example but I am sure we can list plenty, and we should! As a community we know what the issues are because we are sharing them with each other and aware what exists and what does exist. Now, should we stop using the education system. Not at all, and I am making myself very clear on that. We do see the evidence of White American Culture affecting how we see one another based on education level, and appearance. We can not, and I will not take accountability away from the generation who have the opportunity to take the tools and use them to benefit the people.
Now, why does White American Culture need to change? This is my favorite topic, it allows me to share a bit of my opinion. I’ve been doing my best to give strictly facts: statements you can confirm without my assistance. So, here it is; maybe it isn’t White American Culture that needs changing. We can not force change upon any idea, place, or person that is knowledgable of their own agenda to change YOU. Now is a time to reflect on the definition of culture; especially definition 3, as it has affected the reality of everyone on this planet. Culture is tradition and it is passed down through our genes. From the evidence life has provided, belief and repetition is how we alter our genetics. Therefore, we should be reflecting on what we are repeating, and the ideas, interest, words/language, habits and foods we are consuming, they all equate to our lifestyle. Our lifestyle will always reflect our culture. Our culture is eventually where we come from. We must realize who is really in control here. What is the engine of White American Culture? We are. 
We must acknowledge that right now in 2016 there are human beings, an entire generation of us, that has been afforded the opportunity to change the course of history. I love examples because they us bring the truth close to home. There are 5 people locked inside of a cage. In this cage, all sorts of issues come about and they begin to tackle those issues and work them out with no successful solutions. This is because they have forgotten their biggest problem, and that is the cage that they are locked in. What needs the most change in America? Our mindsets. 



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