New Music X Rasp

I have new sounds for you, and you better believe you need to hear this! Before checking out this new music. Catch up by listening to the Music and enjoying the visuals I shared yesterday from Kid Named Nova. Again, support these Artists! Bruh, listening to the sounds from Ro-Thoro made me want to increase my hustle, and this is the music that is real hip hop. Hip Hop was created for us young black, brown, and yellow people stay on the grind and say whats right even when its seen as wrong. Enjoying yourself is necessary, being on a mission is necessary. There is always a dream to accomplish. Not for the benefit of just doing it, but because it is your passion. This is not the first we’ve heard from Ro-Thoro, search his name on this site and catch up! Play this music! – The Street Blogger

Artist: Ro-Thoro

Sound: I am a hip-hop

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

The track is about Ro-Thoro’s journey to achieve success within the music industry without compromising my values to achieve that success. The song was produced by Big Skinny, based out of Tallahassee, FL, and the video directed by Raspy Rapz, an artist/director from Pensacola, FL. “On A Mission” is featured on Ro-Thoro’s debut solo project “Tales From A King’s Pen” available now on soundcloud:… can find him on social media on twitter/instagram @rothoromusic
Video Link:
Project Link:
Twitter/Instagram: @rothoromusic
Producer Twitter/Instagram: @BigSkinnySounds
Director Twitter/Instagram: @RaspyRapz



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