New Music X NAHSYM KALIF X Gratuity (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know where he was hiding but the universe has finally brought his vibe our way! The video that you are about to check out probably for the first time is a young man who is bringing back hip hop to the people who needs this ventilation. Back for the Artists who are as Naysym would say are “tired of being passive aggressive”. I am more than here for his flow, the production was cool but it could be better but his delivery is what makes this. His delivery is God sent. I can’t wait to hear more from this lyrical giant. Listen to the music!! – The Street Blogger
Nahsym Kalif is a Hip-hop Lyricist, Poet and Producer and Law Student from Brooklyn NY.
His melodic soulful tunes provides insight and wisdom to the new Generation. Inspired by Neo
Jazz, and Afro Funk, Nahsym Kalif music embodies creative independence and tranquility.

Listen On Soundcloud





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