New Music: @JoshDWH – “Lately” (Video) #BronxBound

Ladies and Gentlemen, this song is top 10 for 2016 in the areas of content, delivery, and branding. Enjoy. The Street blogger isn’t going to share trash and say good things about it! I’ve shared a few tracks by this man, so you should already be familiar! Read the press release. -The Street Blogger
Song: Lately
Artist: Josh DWH 
Shot by: Jaison Blackrose
With the summer almost gone, for his 22nd birthday, Josh DWH releases the visual to “Lately”, explaining how everything has been going for him as of recently, over production by Intifada Beats. The clean visuals of a day in life of Josh DWH, shot by Jaison Blackrose, takes you through a plethora of scenes as Josh compares his recent endeavors with a whole lot of bars, punchlines and metaphors. He also released his first single, “Know No Better” which is now available to stream on iTunes.

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