Thurman Junior – EASTNEWYOURK

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was real. This is the type of music production that we need more of. Real people. Real music. Listening to his instrumentals, I felt the titles. My only question was wondering if this brother is naming his sounds before or after? I want to know how he approaches his beat making! This is the content that Emcees need. This is the content that makes up good music. However, he seems like the producer that you need to sit down with if you want to have a beat composed for you. I believe he has the ability to bring your character, and your music to life in a manner that the beat would fit no one but you! More details about Thurman below. Peace! Enjoy!
Artist Name : 
Thurman Junior
Beat : 
Armoire Sound


Social Media:

Twitter: @thurmanjunior

Instagram @thurmanjunior

Facebook @thurmanjuniorocm



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