#BlackBottleBoy Ron Oneal – Son Of Rome

Peace Powerful People! I had the chance to take a Listen to a Artist that is making a lot of noise right now. After listening to one of his tracks, I really wanted to hear more of what he had to offer, I really wanted to hear from him..The Man. So, I listen to tracks such as “Acura Freestyle”, I was interested in hearing him speaking on something I could relate to. I felt his beats to the fullest. I really want to put this Emcee in the ring with some fellow awesome Emcees because I think the VIBE that RON ONEAL has to offer. He would truly be a very enlightened Artist in that circle. His music is very familiar, you can hear his hunger, you can feel the passion. He even spoke about how the lifestyle that he lives is a pathway out of the system. That I felt, that I related to. His music is for the passionate, his music is for the people that are waiting and most important about to take the music to the next level.
LOWER EAST SIDE (NYC) Artist RON ONEAL, Born in Brooklyn, NY October 1985 is a rapper who goes by his given name or simply ‘O’. These days Ron Oneal is a viral sensation. In the era of social media where everyone is a star in their own right, it’s a slightly difficult feature to accomplish but Ron Oneal did just that! All Star Weekend February 2015 the opportunity presented itself in the form of Ron Oneal being in the right place at the right time or depending on whom you ask Maybach Music Group’s very own Rick Ross might have been the one at the right place at the right time. The scene is set in the projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side Jacob Riis Houses, Ron Oneal found himself face to face with the rap star. Seizing the moment Ron Oneal unleashed a verbal assault that drew onlookers and had Rick Ross not only rocking but amazed and admiring the talented MC. The result, Rick Ross exchanged contact information with him and later placed him in the “Movin Bass” video. Scores of onlookers captured the moment on their mobile phones & tablets immediately uploading the clips to social media making it go viral. The clip went viral and was published on several sites such as WorldStarHipHop, Media Takeout, Bossip & More http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhvg5Kl5Mp3JOe9C8K 


Ron Oneal essentially broke the internet with now over 2.2 million views collectively and 1 million views on WSHH alone! While most artists might get lazy or cocky over an experience like that Ron Oneal would not be lead astray, he knew all too well how it felt to be on the downside and not deliver when people are routing for you, he didn’t always win.

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